We are so grateful for the effort and help from Terry Neudorf and 4MK Consulting Ltd in assisting us with the purchase and installation of the new Roland M5000 digital sound board. As a church we knew that we needed upgrading of our existing sound board, but felt that we were extremely unequipped to make the best decision. 4MK Consulting gave us the time and counsel in helping us make the choice that suited us best in every way. 4MK was also extremely thorough in their installation, ensuring that we were fully ready to go within the short amount of time available before our next Sunday services.  In the few months that we’ve had it, our sound ministry volunteers have commented on how nice the Roland M5000 system is to work with, with a gently sloped learning curve. They like how it is organized, they like the interface, and they like how easy it is to make adjustments quickly. They also love how it sounds, pure and clean. Our band loves the Roland M48 Personal Mixers and all the options that are available to them now.
All in all, we feel that we have made the best purchase possible for our needs both current and future, and felt that we did so in the best way possible, stewarding the resources available to us. None of this would have been possible without the guidance and expertise provided by 4MK Consulting Ltd. We are grateful for the relationship that the purchase of this Roland system has established.
Phil Spoelstra

Creative Arts Pastor, Broadway Church

We have been in relationship with 4MK over the past 6 years and I can honestly say that they have revolutionized our worship and sound ministries. The level of expertise, experience and professionalism that 4MK brings is literally some of the best in all of the lower mainland. But the quality that stands out the most is their genuine and passionate love and support for local churches. When we met Stan, we were a passionate worshiping community but didn’t have the slightest clue about sound. He and his team came in and trained up our sound guys with such care and made an incredible impact on our community. When people come to visit our church now, the first thing they mention is how much they love the worship. 4MK helped us to harness our passion and showed us how effective and powerful that can be with proper use of equipment and mixing. They would also check in regularly to see how things were going and was more than available to help with any problem solving. 4MK really is a ministry to churches because they came in with such sensitivity to our specific situation and thoughtfully offered the best possible solutions to help our sound crew and worship team. I highly recommend all churches to bring in 4MK. You will not only learn so much about sound, but you will be blessed by their ministering hearts and service.
Jimmy Yi

Worship Pastor, New Joy Church